Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pulau Aman - a peaceful new year

    This post was meant to be published 2 month ago when we just entered 2011, but never mind, lets just pretend that I went here during this Chinese New Year ; )

Anyway, since I forgot all the details, maybe its also better to consider I'm very busy after coming back from this trip. Too busy that I don't even have enough time to write a proper story and just manage to put a few picture instead.. So lets enjoy Pulau Aman (if I recall the name correctly)

the jetty to Pulau Aman is on the Penang's mainland, I think the boat cost RM7 for two way

Pulau Aman Jeti - Beware of Running Children!

home-stay system - probably half of the house in the village provide this service
this Cape enriched with shellfish - some villager digging for shellfish here, but they probably too selfish to share it
its a 10 minute walk from end to end and all road have sign board - so if you're lost here, you definitely crazy
there's a lot of chicks here - so boys, lower your gaze please

a view from another end
floating restaurant, it also being use as parking lot for fisherman's boat
the famous Mee Udang that so famous, its being featured online - not that famous actually since not many people read this blog
The Front Jetty - fortunately no children running around at night, otherwise this village seems odd and scary
the Cape - again fortunately there no villager being selfish at this time

for those whose heartbroken, there's only one seat at the bank, so book your place early if you plan to 'menjiwangkan' yourself
if the seat already stolen by all those 'pemakan kuaci' species,  you can still have a nice time starring at Penang Island on the Cape (as long no selfish villager blocking your view)
finally there's a fishing foot (kaki pancing) spot at the new concrete bridge - for the broken heart, consider this as your last resort
well hey, the view is not bad either, you can think of the famous Mee Udang and remembering my blog
special thanks to Shahril for organizing this wonderful trip, wassalam.
with Love - Pulau Aman


  1. wahaha.semua org bz.wanie pun bz ;p

  2. wanie dh ada kereta baru, mana la ada masa nk baca blog ni lg..

  3. i'll think of going there when i need some peace...

  4. Perggh...dh lame aku x g Pulau Aman.

  5. seems like a nice place to visit. will put it on my must go to places.